Stefano Mardegan company looks to the future in a proactive and bold way, respecting its roots, its tradition and the values of its history.

The company is focused on the environmental sustainability, essential for its development, and it’s working actively towards recycling and upcycling processes.

Stefano Mardegan aims at a virtuous growth, strenghtening its presence on the Italian and Export markets and on top-range sectors (fashion and design).

The goal is ensuring a high quality effective and efficient services, improving its internal organisation and its reaserch activity.

The company is developing its internal production in order to find a perfect balance between technology and creativity, increasing and diversifying its fabrics range for meeting all its customers needs.


Infographic Mardegan Mission - Vision

Stefano Mardegan company produces and wholesales technical textiles. The company was born in 1998 from Stefano Mardegan dream of creating his own entreprenaurial business.

Started as a small business, the company was able in few years to turn into a successful and structured reality.

The trusting relationship between the management and its employees, free to take their decision independently, is the reason of a friendly and positive working environment for a close-knit and motivated team.

Passion, expertise and reliability were the key points for the development and the success of the company both on the Italian and the Export market.

Stefano Mardegan expanded its business thanks to new logistic solutions, in order to guarantee an efficient and high level service. The company, that started at the beginning with no material stock, features today two Italian offices in Milan and Borgaro Torinese and one warehouse bigger than 2.000 m2, besides another small storage in France. The fabrics on stock are about 1 million and 300 thousand m2, with more than 100 items in different colors.

Stefano Mardegan uniqueness in the textile industry is its multi-sectoral and multi-product knowledge and expertise, that come from a dynamic approach and from a steady reasearch activity.

The company is able to satisfy its customers needs in a professional, quick and accurate way, thanks to its operating flexibility. It’s also able to offer tailor-made and customized solutions, thanks to his 20-years experience and cooperation with suppliers, partners and subcontractors.

Stefano Mardegan believes in the value of human relations and focuses all its professional relationships on respect, availability and listening. The company aims at building trusting and longlasting cooperations with its customers.